Members of the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability

Members of the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability

This Commission is charged with making a recommendation to the Governor whether or not the ISM should be closed. They have asked for public comments. Please submit written comments until the closing date of July 23.

A public hearing is set for July 13, 4:00 pm in Room 212 of the Capitol Building. We need you to attend and sign in as a witness in opposition–you need not testify.

If your legislator is on the Commission, we urge you to contact them before the hearing.

*Sen. Donne Trotter (D: 17th District)      Co-Chair      Chicago

(217) 782-3201 or (773) 933-7715              Website               District Map

*Rep. Donald Moffitt (R: 74th District)        Co-Chair   Galesburg, Kewanee

(217) 782-8032 or (309) 343-8000              Website/Email       District Map

*Sen. David Koehler (D: 46th District)        Peoria area

(217) 782-8250 or (309) 677-0120               Website/Email       District Map

*Rep. Kelly Burke (D: 36th District)              Oak Lawn

(217) 782-0515 or (708) 425-0571                Website/Email        District Map

*Sen. Matt Murphy (R: 27th District)            NW Chicago suburbs

(217) 782-4471 or (847) 776-1490                 Website/Email         District Map

*Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D: 57th District)          NW Chicago suburbs

(217) 782-1004 or (847) 229-5499                Website/Email        District Map

*Sen. Chapin Rose (R: 51th District)            Champaign/Decatur area

(217) 558-1006, (217) 607-1853 (C)              Website/Email         District Map

217-330-9356 (Decatur)

*Rep. Raymond Poe (R: 99th District)          Springfield area

(217) 782-0044                                              Website/Email        District Map

*Sen. Heather Sterns (D: 7th District)            North City,  Chicago

(217) 782-8492 or (773)-769-1717                 Website/Email        District Map

*Rep. Al Riley (D: 38th District)                       South Chicago suburbs

(217) 558-1007 or (708) 799-4364                  Website/Email        District Map

*Sen. Dave Syverson (R: 35th District)            Rockford, DeKalb, Winnebago Co.

(217)  782-5413 or (815)-987-7555                 Website/Email        District Map

Rep. Michael Unes R: (91st District)                 E. Peoria, Pekin, Canton, Lewistown, Fulton Co.

(217) 782-8152 or (309) 620-8631                    Website/Email        District Map


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